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Solid Epoxy Floor - North York



Ideal for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Applications

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  Solid Epoxy Floor

Bull Epoxy Coating offers industrial-strength, professionally-installed solid epoxy flooring in a variety of different colours, textures, and styles to showcase the personality of your residential home or local business in North York.
Bull Epoxy Coating floors last for years without any yellowing or discoloration, and no peeling or flaking.
We focus on attention to detail from the very beginning when undertaking your solid epoxy floor project in North York, and we take the time to treat cracks and spalling before installing your new solid epoxy floor.

Spill gas, oil, or some other dangerous chemical? No worries!
With our non-porous, stain-proof, waterproof Bull Epoxy Coating floors, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! Epoxy floor cleanup is so quick and easy, it’s done in a snap, because you can use an ordinary mop and your preferred cleaning products, no extra hassle. Our stain resistant floors practically clean themselves when you wash them. Our Bull Epoxy Coating epoxy floors stay gorgeous, even with heavy / frequent use of traffic, without the need for waxing or other labour-intensive upkeep.

This means that solid epoxy floors are the perfect choice for beautifying busy commercial facilities in North York, or for elevating the value of your residential home in North York without wasting much time on maintenance and upkeep.
We only use the highest quality epoxy coatings to keep your home or business in North York looking marvelous.
Bull Epoxy Coating is equipped with the expertise to handle installation projects of all sizes.
Here at Bull Epoxy Coating, we strive to deliver high-quality solid epoxy floor coating with exceptional customer service in North York, Toronto.

Give us a call at Bull Epoxy Coating, to ask how we can help save you time and money with an attractive solid epoxy floor in North York. Contact us today for your free same-day quote!

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Marbled Epoxy Floor

Solid Epoxy Floor

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