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Polyaspartic Flake Floor - North York



Ideal for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Applications

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  Polyaspartic Flake Floor

Garage floors in North York are under constant strain from factors such as oil, grease, salt, hot tires from cars, and more.
The weather in North York is respectfully unpredictable. It can be sunny, and raining, and snowing all in one day. So your car may bring in different dangers onto your garage floor throughout the year, from salt to water, and so on.
No wonder why so many garage floors deteriorate so quickly in North York, we see it all the time. The good news is you don’t need to deal with these issues any longer.

When you’re ready for an upgrade from your old, cracked, or stained garage floor, to a more sustainable garage floor with beautiful design that will leave your neighbours in awe, your local North York experts at Bull Epoxy Coating is ready to deliver a premium poly-aspartic flake coating that will last. We install, service, and maintain epoxy floors all over the North York area in Toronto, and we offer free quotes and an efficient turnaround time with same day service.

Whether you choose a classic solid, bold colours, or a gorgeous granite look, your newly-coated poly-aspartic flake epoxy floor with have exceptional wear, chip, crack, and scratch resistance that will keep your garage floor in good condition for a much longer time than traditional garage floors. These poly-aspartic flake epoxy floors are also much easier to clean than ever before.

Professional poly-aspartic flake epoxy floor coating is a great solution for businesses or homeowners in North York who need to have their floor taken care of efficiently and effectively. Unlike some other epoxy coatings, most of our poly-aspartic flake epoxy floor coatings can be installed in less than one full day, even in low temperatures, making them a convenient choice when you don’t want to lose space, time, or money waiting for your floor to cure.

With a seamless, high-performance Bull Epoxy Coating polyaspartic flake epoxy floor, you won’t need to waste time buffing, polishing, or re-sealing to maintain the floor at your residence or industrial / commercial facility in North York. Our floors resist staining from automotive fluids and other harsh chemicals, and they won’t fade or discolour in sunlight, so your polyaspartic flake epoxy floor will look like new for years to come.
Here at Bull Epoxy Coating, we strive to deliver high quality polyaspartic flake epoxy floor coating with exceptional customer service in North York, Toronto.
Here at Bull Epoxy Coating we will be happy to answer all your questions relating to polyaspartic flake epoxy floors in North York. Ask us how we can help you save time and money with a stylish polyaspartic flake epoxy floor.
If you are ready to upgrade your floors in North York with polyaspartic flake epoxy floor coating, contact us for a free same day quote or estimate.

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Polyaspartic Flake Floor


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