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Design Your Safe Durable Epoxy Coated Patio Floor in Style.

Did you know that you can upgrade your patio floors or garage floors with quality epoxy coating that is effective, durable, and is designed to fit your style? A patio floor covered with quality epoxy is more than just a floor, it is also a work of art. The floor epoxy installation will be equally durable, slip-resistant, and Facebook / Instagram worthy. Check out our Instagram for vivid examples. At Bull Epoxy Coating, we are fully equipped with industry leading floor epoxy tools for any epoxy floor coating project, to create various designs using a mix of colours, textures, and epoxy coating techniques to improve and beautify your patio floors. Looking to coat your pool deck or patio with epoxy in Toronto and GTA? We recommend installing a polyurea epoxy coating solution, because it is four times stronger than the standard floor epoxy coating solution, it’s shiny finish withstands against foot traffic and stains. Polyurea epoxy coating is especially important for patios and pool decks because the polyurea surface is slip-resistant, so you can have a peace of mind knowing that you can enjoy your next swimming session or patio party safely. Installing a polyurea epoxy floor coating for your patio floors will improve the aesthetic of your patio, and it will also reduce the appearance of scratches, fading, and stains. A polyurea epoxy coating solution contains antimicrobial properties which helps to reduce germs from your patio floors.

Benefits of Resurfacing Patios With Epoxy

At Bull Epoxy Coating, we work alongside with you to determine the right solutions for your epoxy patio needs. Epoxy Patio Resurfacing is great for many reasons. Not only will your patio floor surface look and feel brand new, you will also save on maintenance costs and time.
Advantages of resurfacing your patio with an epoxy solution include:

  • You can add an epoxy coating to your concrete refinishing and restoration. This will prolong the life of your concrete pavement, and increase it’s durability and functionality.
  • Epoxy coatings enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your patio setting. At Bull Epoxy Coating, we love to apply high quality durable epoxy coating solutions to patios that are also satisfying to look at. We love to create art alongside functionality.
  • We can create a variety of beautiful designs that will amaze your guests. You can select various colours and designs that will transform your dull and unappealing concrete into a beautiful art masterpiece.
  • Epoxy coated concrete patios add additional protection to the concrete itself. Our patio floor epoxy coatings are resistant to stains and chemicals, and they are capable of withstanding against heavy foot traffic.
  • Our patio epoxy coatings at Bull Epoxy Coating provide coverage for your outdoor concrete patio from various weather conditions.


For this reason, having your outdoor patio covered in quality epoxy coating is highly recommended because the weather conditions in Toronto and GTA are everchanging. We have rains and storms, and most importantly of all we have the winter season and alongside it comes snow and ice, which is then usually melted with the use of salts. All of these outdoor weather conditions and chemicals can do a lot of damage to your concrete patios, whereas if your concrete patios are covered by a quality epoxy coating solution, then you would have more protection and a longer lasting outdoor patio.

Using epoxy coating solutions to resurface your outdoor concrete patio is cost effective, and it does not take much time. In fact, this type of project can be done in as early as one day. This is also why it is cost effective, because it is a relatively low investment into the improvement of your residential or commercial property that will be completed swiftly and will be functional for many years to come. Our experts at Bull Epoxy Coating apply epoxy coating solutions to exterior patios professionally and efficiently in all of Toronto and GTA.

Epoxy coated patio floors require low and easy maintenance. Although there is some routine maintenance and inspections that help extend the life of these epoxy coated patio floors, there is relatively little to do to maintain them compared to traditional concrete patio floors. Epoxy coated patio floors are very easy to clean, and are stain resistant.

Fast, Efficient and Affordable Patio Floor Epoxy Coating Installation

We understand you have a busy schedule, that is why at Bull Epoxy Coating, we provide a hassle-free patio epoxy coating service. Our licensed, bonded, and insured installers are experienced professionals that consistently provide excellent workmanship and high quality finish in an efficient manner. The steps we take to ensure a consistent and efficient quality finish are: • Shot blast or diamond grind existing surfaces to make floors porous in order to fill cracks. • Clean and prime concrete floors • Mix and apply a base coat • Add chip for colour and texture (optional) • Wait for the base coat to solidify • Remove excess flakes • Apply a light-resistant clear coat We are proud to be your local premier specialists in epoxy coated patio floors across Toronto and GTA. You can see our work in many residential and commercial areas of Toronto and GTA, alternatively you can find us on Instagram and Facebook to see real live examples of our patio epoxy coating related work. Contact us today to receive a free quote, and find out how having your concrete patio covered in an epoxy solution such as polyurea benefits you and the value of your home or business property.

Extend the Life of Your Epoxy Patio Floors with Routine Maintenance

Although epoxy coated patio floors are durable and last form many years, they still require some routine inspections and maintenance. They are very strong and usually do not get damaged easily compared to concrete patio floors. Sometimes damage may occur, or may be inevitable, and that is why we are here to help identify potential issues and provide solutions. We can help you explain the best ways to keep your epoxy coated patio floors living for a long time, which require fairly low maintenance. In case of potential problems, we are always one call away and will do our best to provide you with quality cost effective solutions. Cracks tend to be the main issue that happen in late stages of epoxy coated patio floor’s life in Toronto and surrounding GTA. Common reasons for cracks are due to improper installation, errors in mixing of concrete floor, freezing or thawing, weather conditions, poorly compacted soil, and roots from plants. At Bull Epoxy Coating, we work with you closely to solve any issues you may face regarding the epoxy coating of your patio floors. Contact us for a routine inspection and maintenance check on your epoxy coated patio floors, and find out how we can maximize the life of your patio floors in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Why Torontonians in Toronto and GTA, ON, Choose Bull Epoxy Coating for their epoxy patio flooring needs:

We started Bull Epoxy Coating in Toronto, ON, with a commitment to providing the best possible patio epoxy coating services for our clients in both residential and commercial areas. We want you to be proud of your outdoor epoxy covered patio floors. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured professional team of epoxy coating specialists, and our focus is to provide the best quality and value for our customers regardless of how big or small the epoxy coating job is. We are a family owned and operated local Toronto and GTA business, and we love satisfying our customers’ epoxy coating needs, because you are more than just our clients, you are our neighbours and respective members of our local diverse Toronto community. We treat all of our clients like family. We make sure to be with you all the way from start to finish, and we will not be satisfied unless you are. At Bull Epoxy Coating, we provide the best industry leading tools and materials available for a premium epoxy coating finish for each patio floor we work on. We go the extra step to make sure that you receive your type of epoxy coating that you need with a design that you like within an efficient timeframe and within your budget. Whether you decide to use standard epoxy or polyurea, we guarantee that our materials used are of the highest quality. It is in our interests to provide you an epoxy covered patio floor that will last you for many decades. Our reputation depends on it.

Contact Us Today for Quality Epoxy Patio Flooring

Install a better, beautiful patio floor epoxy coating at a price you’ll love with Bull Epoxy Coating. We install both standard epoxy and polyurea epoxy flooring. You can set up an appointment for a free consultation by phone at 437-990-1064 or message us here.

We look forward to working with you.

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  Patio Epoxy Floor Coating

Upgrade your home with world-class patio floor coatings from Bull Epoxy Coating today.

Top Quality Patio Epoxy Floor Coatings in Toronto, ON and surrounding GTA

Improve the quality of your patio with top quality patio epoxy floor coating solutions from Bull Epoxy Coating today.

Once you upgrade your patio floors with our dependable and practical epoxy patio floor solution, you can forget about constant high maintenance work to your patio floors. A proper epoxy patio floor installation practically takes care of itself! At Bull Epoxy Coating, we service residential and commercial owners across Toronto, ON and surrounding GTA areas with top quality patio epoxy floor coatings.
We have years of experience and the tools needed to deliver a high-quality patio epoxy floor installation in as fast as one day.
We handle floor projects of all shapes, sizes, and types. At Bull Epoxy Coating, we service all surfaces, from patio floors, driveways, garage floors, to pool decks, hotel entrances, restaurant kitchen floors, and other high traffic walking areas.
Find out why we are Toronto and GTA’s #1 choice for patio floor epoxy coatings. We are always ready to assist you, no floor epoxy coating project is too big or small. Contact us to get a free estimate today.


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