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Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating


Ideal for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Applications


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Benefits of Polyurea and Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor Coating for Commercial Floors

Polyurea and Polyaspartic epoxy solutions can renew your commercial, industrial, and retail floors in Thornhill, Toronto & GTA. Our epoxy solutions provide longer life, strength, durability, design and style for your business floors. Polyurea and Polyaspartic epoxy solutions are premier coating and sealing solutions for commercial floors in Thornhill, Toronto & GTA, ON for the following reasons:

Durable, Damage-Resistant Commercial Floor Epoxy Coating
The epoxy solutions that we use are only of the highest quality to ensure a long damage-resistant concrete floor life.
Our multi-layer Polyurea epoxy floor coating solution is four times more durable than other standard epoxy coating types. This polyurea epoxy solution is damage resistant, and it’s resistant against UV and chemical spills.
This garage floor epoxy solution is a great boost of protection for commercial surfaces that come in contact with external factors, high foot and tire traffic on a consistent basis.
At Bull Epoxy Coating, our epoxy coating solutions keep concrete floors protected for a long time in Thornhill and surrounding areas.

Elegant, Polished Epoxy Floor Finish
Our polyurea and polyaspartic epoxy floor coating solutions make your concrete floors shine bright like new. Our epoxy solutions improve the overall aesthetic look of your commercial floors.
We always add a UV-resistant clear coat finish to all of our epoxy floor coatings to give it that glowing shine with increased protection.
Having your concrete floors updated with polished vibrant designs will add style and attention to your business.

No-Slip Epoxy Surface Finish
All of our commercial floor epoxy coating projects come with a no-slip traction surface.
You can have a peace of mind knowing that you and your guests can walk safely across your business epoxy coated floors, slip free.

Customize Your Epoxy Floor Coating with Colour & Style
At Bull Epoxy Coating, we help you pick out a custom epoxy coating design that fits in with your business branding. We have so many different colours and textures to choose from, that we are confident to create a custom design that you will love.
We are creative and practical, we love to turn our clients’ visions into real life.
All of our epoxy floor coating solutions can give your business floors a luxurious expensive look at a cost effective price.
Contact us to find out how simple, quick and accessible coating your commercial floors in epoxy really is.

High Quality Epoxy Coating Process for Commercial Floors

At Bull Epoxy Coating, we are a local family owned and operated business in Thornhill, Toronto & GTA, and we take pride in each and every epoxy floor coating installation that we complete. We stand behind our quality epoxy coating services, because we put in the time, effort, and attention to detail on every project, that is why we are sure each project is completed with quality. We are only happy when you are.
Our epoxy flooring solution is a great investment into a wide spectrum of interior and exterior floor surfaces for commercial spaces in Thornhill, Toronto & GTA.
At Bull Epoxy Coating, we specialize in coating commercial floor surfaces with epoxy solutions.
Over many years of working craft and practice, we have perfected the process of epoxy coated commercial floors.

Our Process:
1 – Prepare & Clean
We begin each business floor epoxy coating installation by grinding down your existing floor surface using a diamond grinder or shot blaster to remove any imperfections and to create a smoother, flat surface. Then we clean the floor surface from any debris.
2 – Mend & Fill
We use high quality menders and fillers to seal any cracks in your business floor.
We make sure to even out and flatten your floor in the process.
3 – Apply Basecoat
We mix and apply a strong and durable layer of epoxy polyurea or polyaspartic solution to your floor surface.
4 – Cast the Chip
We place your custom coloured chip by hand to add beautiful design and texture for your epoxy floor coating. The solution takes very fast to cure.
5 – Smooth the Chip
When the coatings are cured, we will smooth out your floor surface by shaving off and vacuuming the rough imperfections.
This step is vital to ensure that your finished commercial epoxy floor is completely smooth.
6 – Apply Clear Coat
As a finishing touch, we apply a layer of UV-resistant clear coat to protect your new epoxy floor.
This type of coating protects your epoxy floor, reduces wear and tear, and leaves you with a shiny brand new floor type of finish.

Lifetime Warranty

Our services come with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your garage floor chips, peels, or blisters during this time, we will fix it for free—no questions asked. Contact us at Bull Epoxy Coating through our form or by phone at 437-990-1064 today for more information about our lifetime warranty, and to schedule your free quote.

Our Service Areas:

As a local company, we proudly serve Thornhill, ON and the surrounding Greater Toronto Areas, including:
• Toronto, ON
• North York, ON
• Richmond Hill, ON
• Markham, ON
• Vaughan, ON
• Thornhill, ON
• Concord, ON
• Maple, ON
• Aurora, ON
• King City, ON
• Newmarket, ON
• Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON
• Barrie, ON
• Caledon, ON
• Nobleton, ON
• Scarborough, ON
• Mississauga, ON
• Whitby, ON
• Pickering, ON

If your business is near Thornhill and GTA, we would love to work with you on updating your surface floors.
Not sure if you’re within our service area? Give us a phone call, and we’ll see what we can do!

Ready to Update Your Concrete Surface?

If you have a business in Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Newmarket, Aurora or surrounding areas, that needs a new concrete coating, Bull Epoxy Coating is ready to fulfill your concrete coating needs. We do concrete polishing, staining, and epoxy floor alternatives for all your concrete coating needs.
Bull Epoxy Coating is ready to make your concrete coating project a reality.
Update your concrete floor with coating that will be equally strong, durable, and visually aesthetic.
Find out why Bull Epoxy Coating is one of the best epoxy and concrete coating local companies in Thornhill and GTA, ON.
Contact our epoxy concrete coating professionals at 437-990-1064 for a free estimate and to book an appointment.
You can also contact us via email: or fill out our form for a free quote:

Contact Us Today for Quality Epoxy Floor Coating

Install a better, beautiful floor epoxy coating at a price you’ll love with Bull Epoxy Coating. We install both standard epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic epoxy flooring. You can set up an appointment for a free consultation by phone at 437-990-1064 or message us here. We look forward to working with you.
Epoxy Polyaspartic Flake Floor great for car floors

  High Quality Commercial
  Epoxy Floor Coating -
  Thornhill & GTA.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best one-day concrete floor coating installation for residential, commercial, industrial, and retail spaces in Thornhill, Toronto, and surrounding areas. Contact us for more details –

As a business, having a good visual aesthetic garners more positive impressions from prospects and clients. The difference between a rundown broken concrete floor and a strong durable epoxy coated floor, with a shiny polish that makes it look brand new, is all it can take to make a difference between a prospect and a client.
Commercial floor surfaces that benefit most from epoxy coating solutions are;
• Car dealerships
• Garage floors
• Commercial kitchens / restaurant kitchens
• Warehouse floors
• Manufacturing facilities
• Patio Floors
• Driveways
• Barbershops
• Kennels
• Office spaces
• Restaurants
• Breweries
• Hotel entrances
• Floor surfaces with high foot traffic

Entrust us, Bull Epoxy Coating – your local family owned and operated epoxy floor coating business in Thornhill, with your next corporate or commercial concrete floor renovation. Discover why installing epoxy coated commercial floors is a smart investment.
Contact us to learn more – 437-990-1064
You can depend on our epoxy coatings to last for a long time, even on some of the busiest commercial floors and spaces. We use only the best quality epoxy coating solutions for our clients. For instance, we have polyaspartic and polyurea epoxy flooring solutions, which are four times stronger and durable than regular epoxy coating. Speaking of polyurea and polyaspartic epoxy coating for commercial floors in Thornhill, these types of premium quality epoxy solutions are setup safely in as little as one day, they provide protection for floors, and they look visually appealing.
We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured professional team of epoxy coating specialists, in Thornhill, Toronto and GTA. We know you will love our floor epoxy coating for your business space. We will make your commercial, industrial, and retail floors look amazing and last for a long time, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty for each of our epoxy coating projects.

Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate or to book your installation appointment over the phone for quality services at a cost-effective price.


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