How To Choose the Best Type of Garage Floor Coating for Your Home

Though you have several options to choose from when revitalizing your garage floor surface, few options rank higher than garage floor coatings. However, with the many coating options available, picking the best type of garage floor coating might be challenging.

This post will give you a list of some things to consider when choosing the type of coating to apply to your garage floor.

Finding the Best Type of Garage Floor Coating

Keep in mind these crucial factors when making your choice. The following questions will help you make an informed decision.

Does the Coating Have a Superior Look?

The look of the coating should be a significant priority because a beautiful garage surface will massively improve the entire space’s look and feel. As such, always opt for the garage coating that offers the superior look and finish you desire.

For instance, polyaspartic coatings produce a better shine and higher quality aesthetic than the cheaper epoxy coating.

How Well Does It Seal Your Garage Floor?

The best type of garage floor coating will effectively seal and protect your garage floor. Options like garage floor paint only provide short-term fixes for your floor’s cracks and other imperfections. You will have to repaint the floor within no time because the cracks will have opened up once more, or the paint will have chipped.

Though you will not experience the same with coatings, you still need to ensure that the garage coating you choose will efficiently seal and protect your garage floor.

Is the Coating Durable?

Besides how the coating looks, you need to consider the best type of garage floor coating, one with lasting durability. After all, you do not want to spend your money on a car garage coating, only to replace it a year or two later.

Ideally, a durable coating will:

  •       Waterproof your garage’s surface
  •       Maintain its finish longer
  •       Provide better impact and abrasion resistance
  •       Resist the permanent markings hot tires leave on a floor

How Resistant Is It to Household Chemicals?

While looking at the coating’s durability, you should also look at how well it stands up to household chemicals.

Your garage stands as the one-room out of your entire household that takes a significant beating. Spills involving automotive fluids and household chemicals will occur, no matter how careful you are. If the coating does not have excellent chemical resistance, fluids like oil, engine coolant, gas, and cleaning products will ruin its finish.

Is the Coating Easy To Maintain?

While durability is an essential factor, every coating still needs regular maintenance to ensure it serves you for as long as possible. As such, you should always pick a coating that offers easy upkeep.

When spills occur, you want cleaning to be as easy as possible. With certain garage coatings, you will only need to sweep your floor, hose it off, and then remove the excess water using a squeegee. With higher square foot spaces, easy cleaning saves you time as well.

You should also consider going for a coating with decorative color flakes that hide dirt and preserve your floor’s clean look for longer.

Does the Coating Come With a Warranty?

Any product that claims to be the best type of garage floor coating should have no problem backing that claim up with a strong warranty. Should you find that your garage floor coating has started flaking and losing its shine after a short period, you want to have peace of mind knowing that you will not have to pay to get it replaced.

As such, always opt for the coating that offers warranties and guarantees that it will not peel, flake, or blister.

What Is the Application Process?

The application process will determine the quality of the finish, the durability, and how well the coating seals your floor. Taking shortcuts or skipping any step will most likely result in unsatisfying outcomes and inconveniencing redos.

Choose the coating that penetrates deep into your garage floor to ensure lasting quality and durability. The more thorough the application process, the more assured you are of ending up with quality results.

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